Rebuilt Title Trucks For Sale Near Me (2023)

Rebuilt Title Trucks For Sale Near Me (1)

Rebuilt Title Trucks For Sale Near Me – Let us make an offer on your truck, trailer or heavy equipment unit today! Sell ​​your salvaged, mobile, non-travelable truck/trailer/equipment hassle-free! Whether you want to get rid of a wrecked car or sell a used car that you no longer need, Vander Haag’s will make the process as easy as possible. Fill out our quote request form to request your quote today.

What do we buy? Who Buys Used Semi Trucks, Trailers and Equipment? We are working! Vander Haag’s has been in the rescue business for over 80 years. We buy all makes and models of heavy trucks, trailers and heavy equipment. From pristine condition to completely destroyed, we want to buy them all!

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Who do we buy from? You! We buy trucks/trailers/equipment from individuals, businesses, fleets and insurance companies across the USA! Wondering where to sell your used truck? If you have a unit for sale, please let us know. Although we prefer the unit to be shipped to one of our locations, we will offer hassle-free pickup if it is economical for us to do so. With multiple locations in Iowa, South Dakota, Indiana, Ohio and Missouri, see the map below to find our closest location.

What Is A Rebuilt Title Vs. A Salvage Title?

Why sell to us? Our goal is to make the sales process as easy and simple as possible. Just fill out our quote request form and we’ll get right back with your unit. If convenience is what you are looking for, we will pick up your unit no matter where it is, as long as the unit is worth more than what it costs us to pick it.

Locations Sioux Falls, SD Spencer, IA Kansas City, MO Des Moines, IA Columbus, OH Council Bluffs, IA/Omaha, NE Winamac, IN

Buyer of heavy trucks We buy heavy semi-trucks in any condition. Vander Haag’s has been in the heavy truck salvage business for over 80 years. Whether you have a salvaged truck, a salvage truck, or a used truck that you no longer need, call us and we’ll make you an offer to buy it from you today! Popular brands include Peterbilt, Sterling, Freightliner, Kenworth, International, Volvo and Mack to name a few. We buy:

Heavy equipment buyer Did you know we also buy heavy construction/agricultural equipment? Vander Haag’s recently began salvaging heavy equipment from our locations in Spencer, IA and Winamac, IN. Whether your heavy equipment unit is broken or working, let us know and we’ll get you a quote today! Popular brands include Bobcat, Case, John Deere, ASV, JCB, Komatsu and New Holland to name a few. Types include:

Vehicles At Huntington, Wv For Sale

Semitrailer buyer If you have a used trailer that you no longer need, contact us and find out how much we are willing to pay for it! We offer pickup services if the trailer is located near one of our locations.

While Vander Haag’s, Inc still holds true to its family-oriented values ​​that have been at the core of the company since it first opened in 1939, the company now has 9 locations throughout the Midwest that sell quality used/rebuilt/new truck parts , commercial truck sales and trailers and providing a complete heavy duty truck repair service. 43.178044 -95.155024 Vander Haag’s, Inc – Spencer Our Spencer location has over forty acres of parts and auto storage with over 100,000 square feet of storage under its roof. It has over 21,000 square feet of mechanical and body shop, full equipment and parts installation facilities, full body and frame repair and a used truck sales office. It has online access to its Vander Haag inventory and has online parts and used truck locator services. The Spencer location is also where Vander Haag’s headquarters are located. Vander Haag’s, Inc – Spencer 3809 4th Ave W 51301 United States Spencer, IA 41.640436 -93.584249 Vander Haag’s, Inc – Des Moines Our Des Moines location is home to VanderHaag’s largest warehouse and sales space, and has over 000 sq. feet. It has full frame modifications and equipment installation, complete engine rebuild and installation, power steering rebuild and installation, transmission and rear end rebuild and rebuild and installed by Iowa’s best component rebuild, driveshaft modification and fabrication. The Des Moines location has more than 15 acres of salvage parts storage, a used truck sales office and has access to more than 250 used trucks in Vander Haag’s used truck inventory. It has online access to its Vander Haag inventory and online parts and used truck locator services. Vander Haag’s, Inc – Des Moines 4444 Delaware Ave 50313 United States Des Moines, IA 43.594099 -96.709450 Vander Haag’s, Inc – Sioux Falls Our Sioux Falls location has been around since 1992 when Vander Haalv purchased the operation. It has more than 50,000 square feet of storage and service facilities with more than 30 acres of storage units and parts storage. Over the years, our Sioux Falls location has expanded significantly. In 1998 we added a truck and trailer dealership on Cliff Avenue that is now home to over 200 used trucks, trailers and equipment. In 2020, we will move our support staff department to a larger 8,000 square foot facility. The Vander Haag website offers easy purchase of parts with online checkout. We ship nationwide! The website also offers a used truck locator service to help you find a truck that fits your needs and budget. Our team is ready to help you! Vander Haag’s, Inc – Sioux Falls 1423 E 54th St N 57104 United States Sioux Falls, SD 41.158006 -95.826804 Vander Haag’s, Inc – Council Bluffs Our Council Bluffs location has over 80 square feet, showroom and 0 acres of truck shop and 0 acres. from truck shop. . His used truck parts and service facilities are just 6 miles south of Council Bluffs on Interstate 29. Some of the services he offers are frame modifications and alterations, equipment installation, parts installation and service work, as well as body painting and repair. . Offers truck, trailer and equipment sales, online parts locator services and has all inventory online with Vander Haag. Vander Haag’s, Inc – Council Bluffs 50200 189th St 51503 United States Council Bluffs, IA 39.065417 -94.498172 Vander Haag’s, Inc – Kansas City Our Kansas City location has over 57,500 square feet of space. Offers frame modifications and rebuilds, equipment installation and complete repairs. It has new, refurbished and used truck parts as well as truck, trailer and equipment sales. It is conveniently located off Interstate 435 and Interstate 70. The Kansas City location also offers online access to its Vander Haag inventory. Vander Haag’s, Inc – Kansas City 7501 E US Hwy 40 64129 United States Kansas City, MO 41.033283 -86.596167 Vander Haag’s, Inc – Winamac Our Winamac location has over 80,000 square feet of parts and service facilities from over 80. and parts storage . Come see our completely remodeled 4000+ square foot parts showroom and sales area! We offer sales of trucks, trailers and equipment, as well as new, refurbished and used truck parts. All trucks are inventoried internally to improve the quality and condition of our parts. We also service heavy trucks, and recently added two new gas stations to our four existing spaces. From complete engine overhauls, frame modifications and equipment installations to typical maintenance, our facilities are ready for your business! The Vander Haag website offers easy purchase of parts with online checkout. We ship nationwide! Vander Haag’s, Inc – Winamac 495 E 150th S 46996 United States Winamac, IN 39.740696 -86.255676 Vander Haag’s, Inc – Indianapolis Located just northeast of I-465 and I-70 in Westven Indianapolis, we are a large Truck Repair. Combine this with our excellent product knowledge and access to inventory at our 7 other locations, our goal is to get parts to you to get your truck up and running as quickly as possible. Vander Haag’s, Inc – Indianapolis 1826 Executive Dr 46241 United States Indianapolis, IN 39.960151 -83.366700 Vander Haag’s, Inc – Columbus Vander Haag’s, Inc – Columbus 1499 Highway 42 NE 43140 United States London, OH 38.176011 -85.750102 Vander Haag’s, Inc – Louisville Vander Haag’s, Inc – Louisville Hague’s Louisville is located south of I-264 and west of Muhammad Ali5 International Airport, near I-65. quality used, reconditioned and new truck parts to save you time and money. For your convenience, we can ship parts directly to you or you can pick up at one of our 9 locations in the Midwest. Shop online, stop by or call the Vander Haag team today! Vander Haag’s, Inc – Louisville 405 Maclean Ave 40209 United States Louisville, KY.

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